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Behind the Designs: Ocean Waves Collection

The Captivating Tale of Shibori Dye and the Ocean's Embrace


At the heart of our Ocean Waves Collection lies a tale of profound connection – a story woven by the rich heritage of both Hawaii and Japan. Allow us to take you on a journey into the depths of our design process, where the art form of shibori dye and the allure of the ocean intertwine, resulting in a collection that embodies the very essence of paradise.

For Hawaiians, the ocean is not merely a body of water but a spiritual force, an eternal companion. Its rhythmic waves have shaped the culture and traditions of these islands, ingraining a profound love and respect for the sea within the hearts of its people. Drawing inspiration from this deep-rooted connection, we sought to pay homage to the ocean's majesty through our resort wear.

Enter the captivating art of shibori dye – a traditional Japanese technique that resonates with the soul of our designs. Rooted in centuries of craftsmanship, shibori is an intricate process where fabric is carefully folded, twisted, or bound before being submerged into a dye bath. It is this artistry that allows us to imbue our garments with the beauty and complexity of the ocean's depths.

Our choice of indigo as the primary hue for the Ocean Waves Collection was a deliberate one. Deep and enchanting, indigo echoes the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It captures the ever-changing shades of blue that dance upon its surface, as well as the mysterious darkness that conceals its profound depths. It is a color that evokes both tranquility and curiosity, inviting wearers to explore the limitless possibilities of their own journey.

By infusing the shibori dye technique with the indigo palette, we unleash a visual symphony of oceanic wonder. The patterns that emerge on each piece tell a unique story, reminiscent of the ebb and flow of the tides, the interplay of currents, and the secrets whispered by the sea breeze. Each garment becomes a wearable canvas, a testament to the harmony between human craftsmanship and the natural world.

In our Ocean Waves Collection, we bridge the cultures of Hawaii and Japan, honoring their shared reverence for the ocean. Just as Hawaii's people have found solace, livelihood, and inspiration in the sea, the art of shibori dye connects us to the ancient traditions of Japan, where artisans have mastered the delicate dance between fabric and dye for generations.

With every stitch and every shade, we aim to transport you to a place of serene beauty – a place where the depth of the Pacific Ocean finds expression in the artistry of shibori dye. Allow our garments to be your personal conduit, as you embrace the spirit of Hawaii and embark on your own journey of connection, grace, and endless possibilities.

Welcome to the Ocean Waves Collection, where the boundless depths of the Pacific meet the artful mastery of shibori dye. Dive in, and let the ocean's embrace wrap around you.

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